1.           The meeting was called to order by Chair Bobbie Cesarek at 10:02 pm. ET.


  1.          Roll Call                                                                                 



Bobbie Cesarek -  National Association of Collegiate Coaches -  Women (Chair)

Mike Burns – College Gymnastics Association – Men (Vice-Chair)

Kathy Krebs – National Federation of State High School Associations (Secretary)          

Cindy Bickman – Special Olympics                    

John Bugner – National Collegiate Athletic Association – Men

Geoff Corrigan – U.S. Elite Coaches Association – Men

Suzi DiTullio – U.S. Rhythmic Gymnastics Association

Tim Erwin – Jewish Community Centers

Liz Nichols – Amateur Athletic Union

Mike Juszczyk - National Gymnastics Judges Association - Men

Casey Koenig – YMCA

Michelle Lesperence – American Turners

Molly Simons - National Collegiate Athletic Association – Women

Howard Schwartz – U.S. Competitive Aerobics Federation

Tim Michaels – National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs

Rome Milan – American Sokol Organization

Tony Retrosi – U.S. Elite Coaches Association – Women

Kevin White – U.S. Men’s Gymnastics Coaches Association



Evelyn Chandler – National Association of Women’s Gymnastics Judges Association

Chandelle Schulte – National Association of Girls and Women in Sport

Paul Spadaro – U.S. Association of Independent Gymnastics Clubs


  1.         Welcome/Introduction                                                               


  1.         Chair Bobbie Cesarek welcomed all council members to the meeting.
  2.         Chair Bobbie Cesarek requested a roll call.
  3.         After roll call, a quorum was declared by Secretary, Kathy Krebs


  1.        Old Business

            A. None               

  1.       New Business


  1.         Chair Bobbie Cesarek explained the purpose of the meeting.          
  2.         Chair Bobbie Cesarek explained the new USA Gymnastics ByLaw restructuring the Board of Directors.
  3.         The candidates who submitted their names for the interim Board were introduced.

                        Cindy Bickman, Special Olympics

                        Kevin White, U.S. Men’s Gymnastics Coaches Association

  1.         Each candidate was given the opportunity to speak for up to 2 minutes.
  2.         Chair Bobbie Cesarek explained the voting process.


  1.          AC members may vote for one candidate. 
  2.          Voting shall commence at the conclusion of the conference call and shall end at 12:00 pm ET on Monday, June 11, 2018.
  3.          Email votes should be sent to Kathy Krebs at
  4.          Kathy will notify Bobbie of the election results.
  5.          Bobbie will notify the candidates of the election results.
  6.           Bobbie will notify the Chair of the Board of Directors of the election results.
  1.          Bobbie notified the Advisory Council of the remaining meetings of the Interim Board


  1.       Motion to Adjourn at 9:30 pm ET


            Motion:          Kathy Krebs

            Second:        Rome Milan

            PASSED:      UNANIMOUSLY


Respectfully Submitted,

Kathy Krebs, Secretary

USA Gymnastics Advisory Council


The results of the election for the Board of Directors representing the AC are as follows:

Kevin White, U.S. Men’s Gymnastics Coaches Association